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San Diego County Midwives

San Diego County Midwives


Our Practice

Our licensed midwives, Gerri L. Ryan, Heather LeMaster, and Andrea Bergeleen provide individualized, holistic care to every family we serve.

What is holistic care?

Holistic care considers the physical, spiritual, mental, emotional aspects of the person.

Part of that journey of pregnancy is getting to know your care providers – us, your midwives. We listen to what you say. We even listen to what you don’t say. We listen to your family members that may join you at a prenatal visit.

We care about what’s happening in your life because it definitely impacts your pregnancy and can also affect your birthing process.

Teaching in Our Practice

In following the midwifery tradition of apprenticeship, we are a teaching practice.

We enjoy teaching aspiring midwives as preceptors and educators at Nizhoni Institute of Midwifery, a postsecondary midwifery school co-founded by Gerri.  During our midwifery training, our apprenticeships with experienced midwives were invaluable, so we seek to pass on our knowledge to local midwifery students.

Our Students

We typically have one or two students working in our practice. Our students are in various levels of their education. We usually have a senior student who is finishing up their clinical experiences. There is also a junior student who is learning midwifery hands on skills, office skills, and business practices.

Student Responsibilities

Depending on their expertise and education level they work with the midwives and the clients.

While in the early stages of their Midwifery education, most students start out with the basics. Their responsibilities include

  • taking blood pressure,
  • doing physical exams,
  • taking pulses, and
  • providing basic pregnancy information under the supervision of the midwife.

Students are very knowledgeable so they actively participate in teaching and educating our families.  As they progress in their knowledge and technical skills, students fully participate in all midwifery care of our clients actively assist at your birth.

The Student Advantage

We have seen overtime that our students come with the most up to date and evidence based information. This helps keep your midwives up to speed with new information as well as benefit our families.

We love our team approach to midwifery. Our clients value each member of the team for the unique skills and knowledge each of us bring to the experience.

Midwifery Travel

San Diego County Midwives have assisted with birth in the El Centro area and as far north as Camp Pendleton, Valley Center, Ramona, Jamul, and Delzura. We generally try to stay within San Diego County, but occasionally have a very connected family in farther areas.

We have not yet had the privilege of assisting with a birth in Baja California, but would welcome such an opportunity.

We are willing to travel to countries for the right family and circumstances.

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