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VBAC Story…. C.G.

Feb 25, 2015
The Birth of baby Gayvoronskiy

I woke up early as normal. The last three weeks I had been having false labor through the night and into the mornings. This morning was the same. It was around 6am. I got my other three children up and ready for school they left at 7:10am. My husband and my youngest son woke up around 9. I had a plan to pack everything for a trip to lego land the next day. I wanted to walk as much as I could because I was wanting to have an Home Birth After Cesarean. I was only 39weeks and 3 days I wasn’t too worried but still the though of going past 41.6 hung over me like a black cloud.  All of my other children had been born around 40-41 weeks aside from the cs baby born at 39weeks.
I started washing laundry a few minutes after 10 and all the sudden the morning false labor started to feel a little odd. I thought to myself “hmm that was different” but I continued my washing. A few minutes later I thought I might use my little app for contractions. These contractions were coming in about 7 minutes apart but still not painful. I didn’t alert my husband because l really didn’t think this was it. My husband and son went out to mow and rake the yard. Around this time the contractions were getting more painful but more of a menstrual cramp. Around 11am I called Heather and filled her in I told her I wasn’t sure if this was it or what. Heather told me to remember to eat every hour and she would call me in an hour to check on things but to call her sooner if needed. I went and ate a small snack and decided to go outside and help my husband, I thought to myself if this was labor he would be able to tell. I didn’t mention anything to him and he didn’t seem to notice when I would have a contraction. I figured this must not be labor just another day of false labor that would come and go. We had about 10 large piles of leaves left in the yard so I helped rake them up. We did yard work for another hour or so.

After all the yard work I started to think this might be labor! At this point my contractions started coming a lot faster and stronger. I decided to go inside and take a nap. I came inside and was able to rest but not sleep. Heather called again and I told her I still wasn’t sure but I thought this was it. My contractions were getting stronger.  Heather told me again to eat and rest and she would head my way in a little bit. This was around 2pm. I continued to rest while my husband was outside with our son still doing chores outside. Around 3pm my husband came inside and took a shower. The older three children came home from school they started on their homework. At this point I was almost sure this was it. Looking back I think its funny I was so unsure that I was in labor. I think I didn’t want to be in labor because I wanted to go to lego land! Anyhow once my husband came out of the shower I told him I thought I was in labor. I told him Heather was on her way. Once I told my husband I was in labor it was as if the flood gates opened. Labor started really picking up. The contractions seemed to never end. Back to back they were strong but not like my other births at the hospital. I asked my husband to get me a glass of my labor wine! My husband did some back massaging.

My labor seemed to be very much in my back. Around 3:30pm I asked my husband to call Heather and see when she would be here. By 4pm I was really feeling the contractions. Heather and her team showed up shortly after 4 and I was so happy to see them! Heather and her team were more like ninjas they got all their stuff set up. Heather took a listen to baby and everything sounded great. I went to use the bathroom and as I came back my water broke. I had some meconium staining in my waters which really worried me but Heather was reassuring and calmed me down. Heather also suggested different positions for me to try. Soon after my water broke I had the urge to push. It was impossible not to push. I kneeled on my bed my husband helped hold me up and sooner than I knew it our baby had appeared. We were team green. After all the excitement my husband told me “it’s a boy”. We called in our older children and they were happy to see their new little brother. Heather and her team helped me shower and cleaned up the room. They even washed the sheets! My husband and myself and our new little baby were able to bond and relax in our own bed. My husband was able to weight our new baby and participate hands on.