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San Diego County Midwives

San Diego County Midwives

Limiting Complications

Best ways to prepare for your labor and birth

  • Actively participate in all of your prenatal visits.
  • Share any problems you experience with your midwife.
  • Follow your midwife’s recommendations regarding nutrition, rest, and exercise.
  • Listen to your intuition

How can I avoid complications during pregnancy?

There are times when a complication may arise. We make sure that you are aware of possible complications and how to handle them.

You are encouraged to call your midwife any time that you suspect a problem or have a question about your pregnancy. You will be given all phone numbers necessary to contract your midwife directly.

Do I need to do any special preparation to birth my baby?

You do not need any special preparation prior to birthing your baby, but it is beneficial to know the relaxation techniques that work best for you.

Understand and be willing to get out of the analytical (thinking) aspect of the brain and allow the primitive (instinctual) part of the brain take over the process. Know and explore those things that help you tap into your instincts.

Build a team that you are confident will support and comfort you.

Our midwives can help steer and narrow down tools that will benefit your process. We can work with you to develop a strategy based on knowing you and spending time you and the family.

What alternative medicine and non-pharmaceutical tools do you recommend or use?

We often recommend acupuncture, massage, craniosacral therapy, nutrition, homeopathy, chiropractic care, and exercise.

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