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Evidence on Inducing Labor for going past your Due Date

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What is the Evidence for Inducing Labor if Your Water Breaks at Term?

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San Diego County Midwives

We are a voice for normalcy in pregnancy and birth and we believe that all families benefit significantly from the Midwifery Model of Care. We bring respect, gentleness, trust and love to the process of giving birth such that families experience dignity, safety, joy and transformation as they welcome a new life into their arms. With our knowledge, wisdom, compassion and vitality, we stand for childbearing women and their families.

Please support our efforts to make midwifery care accessible to all California families.
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What is Midwifery?

A midwife is a wise woman who is trained in the art and science of birth and with is familiar with birth’s many faces. She will guide you based on her education, knowledge, intution and values. Midwives have attained extensive knowledge of the birthing process and take the necessary actions to prevent issues before, during and after birth. As your pregnancy progresses you and your midwife develop a mutual trust based on collaborative care that culminates in the birthing process

What is the Midwifery Model?

The mother and baby are a unit, whose medical and emotional needs are complementary. Emphasis is on pregnancy and birth as a time of physical, psychological, and emotional growth for mother and fetus. San Diego County Midwives offer complete experienced and caring midwifery services for your birthing needs.


Homebirth is safe! Statistics consintently show that newborn mortality rates are substantially lower when babies are born at home. Clinical evaluation, including lab work, assures the mother is within the low-risk category throughout her pregnancy.