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About Us

Gerri and Heather, Midwife Newborn Baby Exam Gerri Ryan began practicing independently as a licensed midwife in 2003. Her daughter, Heather LeMaster, graduated from Nizhoni Institute of Midwifery and became a licensed midwife in 2010. Two years later, Gerri joined her midwifery practice with Heather under the name San Diego County Midwives. They work together to provide highly personalized midwifery care for expecting families desiring a home birth.

San Diego County Midwives also offer other midwifery services including well-woman care for women of all ages, pre-pregnancy counseling, nutritional counseling, montrice services, and lactation assistance. Our licensed midwives, Gerri L. Ryan and Heather LeMaster, specialize in home birth and offer experienced, caring midwifery services for your birthing needs. Please contact San Diego County Midwives or call 858-278-2930 for your free consultation.

Our Story

Gerri Ryan began practicing as a doula in 1997 under the business name of A Better Birth. When she became licensed as a midwife in 2003, she continued practicing under that same name.  Various changes in midwifery practice occurred over the years, and A Better Birth became primarily used for Gerri’s DONA approved doula training classes.

In 2010, Gerri Ryan, LM, and Marla Hicks, LM, joined their practices under the name Center for Natural Birth working out of the San Diego mid-city area. Their goal was to start a birth center at the Osteopathic Center in the community. They held information meetings with the Somali community and determined this was a much needed service for the women in this diverse group. They had local supporters and workers willing to donate their time and effort in making this project happen. As they moved forward, they found funding was very difficult to come by. There was also some resistance on the Board of the Osteopathic Center as they were considering selling their building and moving. Unfortunately, the plans were dropped and both Marla and Gerri went back to practicing as independent midwives.

In time, Gerri changed the name of her business to San Diego County Midwives.  Shortly thereafter, in 2012, Gerri Ryan, LM, and Heather LeMaster, LM, combined their midwifery practices under the name San Diego County Midwives.

Midwifery Travel

San Diego County Midwives have assisted with birth in the El Centro area and as far north as Camp Pendleton, Valley Center, Ramona, Jamul, and Delzura. We generally try to stay within San Diego County, but occasionally have a very connected family in further areas. We are registered with International Midwives and provide prenatal care in Tijuana, Mexico, specifically for the Haitian community as they are very underserved. We have not yet had the privilege of assisting with a birth in Baja California, but would welcome such an opportunity. We would be willing to travel to countries with and for the right family and circumstances.