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SDCM Home Birth

CLEARBILL is a third party company that assists our clients with health insurance verification and claims processing.

Simply Birth is the online store that sells the San Diego County Midwives birth kit.

California Newborn Screening Program is sponsored by the California Department of Public Health.  It provides details about newborn screening for genetic disorders.

San Diego Birth Network was founded by Gerri Ryan in the late 90’s.  This organization connects families to pregnancy, birth, and postpartum professionals.

Midwifery Organizations

Midwives Alliance of North America is an inclusive professional midwifery organization.  It is dedicated to the education and professional development of all midwives.

California Association of Midwives works to ensure that all families in California have access to midwifery care.

Midwives Coalition of Greater San Diego serves as a local directory of midwives in San Diego.


Childbirth Connection promotes evidence-based maternity care.

Citizens for Midwifery is a national consumer-based group that advocates for the midwives model of care.

Fathers and Home Birth

Fathers at Birth by Rose St. John

Fathers to Be is about learning to ride the waves of pregnancy, birth and early fatherhood.

Fathers Day 2013 is a home birth from a fathers perspective.

Seven Secrets for Home Birth Dads by Ven Batista